MacWap - Terms Of Services (TOS)

Shell uploads,illegal file and child porn upload attempts are logged in our server and it is strictly prohibited.


Never give your username and password to anyone.
Your personal data,password and inboxes are always safe if you don't spam else if your inboxes are not reported.
Do not give your telephone number, home address or email address and please do not include postal addresses of any kind.
If you receive abuse of any other members please contact an admin and do NOT retaliate.
Faking your personal information (like age, sex, location etc..) just to gain access to hidden forums and other content in here,
could result in you being banned, or getting a warning at least.

Posts containing slang,racism, spamming, flooding Or hacking Information will be deleted immediately,
and the posters will get warned or banned.
Harassment and racism will result in a ban, and an permanent IP-Ban if this behavior continues.
ALL Bans are logged as are ALL pms with any form of website links in them,
any pms sent containing weblinks will be moderated and may result in a ban for the sending user for an appropriate length of time...
Registering more than one nickname, could result in all your accounts being deleted.
Using bad usernames for registration will be a result of deletation.

As a member of MacWap you will receive emails for registration,forgot password,updating passwords,etc
and of course special announcements and newsletters from FireBD.


The most important thing is that any kind of hacking attempts are logged in our server.
We reserve the right to report to your I.S.P. as well as your hosting provider in case of hacking attempt.

We shall not be held liable for any damages incurred by yourself whilst using the site,
nor do we accept responsibilty for any damages incurred from (and the quality of) sites you visit from links provided here.
By using this site, and its database, all data you transmit will become property of MacWap
and we have the right to access, edit or delete anything contained within our server or database.
We reserve the right to modify the site and terms of usage as we see fit.


We reserve all data, backups, root IP addresses, user identifications very carefully.
So, any kind of serious abuse may commit us to take legal actions against criminals.
Please send any kind of abuse reports via email to: admin@MacWap

Please allow up to a week for an email response. Note that emailing your complaint to other parties such as our Internet Service Provider will not expedite your request and may result in a delayed response due to the complaint not being filed properly.

Again the most important rule is to have fun here and enjoy your stay ;)